Interview for EXBERLINER MAGAZINE, “Close-up with Grada Kilomba”

Seven questions for Portuguese writer, theorist, and interdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba, curator of the Gorki Theater’s Kosmos² series. 7. Do you agree with Audre Lorde’s idea that “the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house”? We have to create new tools, absolutely. I also find this bell hooks very inspiring, that it’s not enough to oppose, you have to create anew. And in my work I attempt to create new, hybrid forms that don’t fit into clear disciplinary categories. It’s very futuristic to do that, to create the discourse of the future in the present. I’m not so keen on dwelling in the past.”

Interview with Grada Kilomba by Lily Kelting, (Germany, 6.April.2016)

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