Workshop “PEFORMING KNOWLEDGE” at the THEATERTREFFEN, Berliner Festspiele by Grada Kilomba, Hans-Wener Kroesinger, and Regine Dura. International Forum – Arts and Politics, Vol. II, 10.-17. May.2016

TheaterTreffen, at the Berliner Festspiel, Workshop: “PERFORMING KNOWLEDGE” by Grada Kilomba, Hans-Werner Kroesinger and Regine Dura. “In a joint workshop, the interdisciplinary artist Grada Kilomba and the directing team Regine Dura / Hans-Werner Kroesinger. The workshop will focus on the question what a theatrical, representative art can look like beyond a reproduction of stereotypes and a discriminating production of codes. How can documentary research help to discuss neoliberal realities as well as thought and action patterns on stage and translate them into a theatrical form?”


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