Lecture-Performance: “POLITICS OF ATTACHMENT”

In her lecture-Performance “Politics of Attachment” at the University of Amsterdam, Grada Kilomba presents a collage of her work exploring forms of Decolonizing Knowledge, using writing exercises, excerpts of her writings as well as video and film.10959818_1066076970088637_5204120927270779510_n10420115_1090359677660366_5819395050626620871_n

At the University of Amsterdam, 25th – 28th March 2015, at the Universiteitstheater, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16. For further informations, please visit: http://asca.uva.nl


INTERVIEW: “Return to Sender”

An Interview on Artistic Positions and the 130 years of the Berlin Conference with René Aguigah and Grada Kilomba, moderated by Anne Haeming, for the Festival  ”Return to Sender” at the HAU – Hebbel Theater.


(…) GK: Wenig hat mich so berührt und mein Denken herausgefordert, wie die Demonstrationen der Flüchtlinge auf dem Oranienplatz. Sie haben etwas mitgebracht, was es vorher nicht gab: einen komplexen Diskurs, der alles, von der Asylpolitik über die Genderpolitik bis zur Wirtschafts- und Umweltpolitik, zusammenbrachte. All diese Aspekte stecken untrennbar in ihren Biographien. Das kann uns doch nur bereichern. Read more


The entire HAU Magazine can be downloaded at: http://www.hebbel-am-ufer.de/download/9076/hau_returntosender.pdf



WORKSHOP: “Decolonizing Knowledge”

“Decolonizing Knowledge” by Grada Kilomba
Marginalized subjects, their experiences, discourses and theorizations have been systematically placed outside the academic body. In this experimental workshop we will explore alternative knowledge production, through writing exercises, discussion, and performance.

The workshop will take place in English, a familiarity with Post-colonial theory, Trans*Queer Feminism and/or Critical Whiteness is required.

Institutstag, OSI Institut at the Freie Universität – Berlin, Tuesday, 27th January 2015, 14:00-16:00

Foto: ©GradaKilomba


NEW INTERVIEW: “A Ghost That Keeps Haunting Us”

Interview with Grada Kilomba, by Till Schmidt

It is important to understand that racism is not something punctual in one’s biography, something that happens once or twice, but rather an accumulation of violent events that are present in all spheres of everyday life, and which give continuity to the past, by repeating an historical pattern of abuse.

(…) the use of Blackface in contemporary German theaters, (…)  is one example of how the violent past revisits the present and how one’s private sphere is assaulted by racism.  Read more



RÁDIO AfroLis features Grada Kilomba

by Carla Fernandes



“Grada Kilomba’s book ‘Plantation Memories. Episodes of Everyday Racism’ has exposed the violence and trauma of racism through its incisive language and profound writing. This staged reading brings the book on stage.” PREMIERE: 9. SEPTEMBER 2013, 20:00 Ballhaus Naunynstr., Berlin

Screen Shot Ensemble1

Written and Directed by: Grada Kilomba

Performed by: Martha Fessehatzion, Moses Leo, Michael Edode Ojake, Isabelle Redfern, Araba Walton, Sara-Hiruth Zewde

Music by: Geisbaba

Staged Reading: "PLANTATION MEMORIES" by Grada Kilomba

Further Shows:

BALLHAUS NAUNYNSTR., Berlin, Ballhaus Naunynstr., 13 January 2014

BERLINER FESTSPIELE, Berlin, Berliner Festspiele, 05 October 2014

About the Staged Reading Read more



Edited by the Editorial Group for Writing Insurgent Genealogies. Vienna, August 2013

Among others with Coco Fusco, Marina Gržinić, Jin Haritaworn,  Kanak Attak, Grada Kilomba, Marissa Lôbo, Movimento Sem Terra

This book is the outcome of the processes of studying, learning and de-learning, established over the last six years in the Post-Conceptual Art Practices (PCAP) class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
What’s at stake here is to reflect not only on historical colonialism but also on the ways in which capitalism frames the world we inhabit here and now. The notion of decoloniality has provided a radical option with which to rethink learning processes coming from positions that are not exclusively Western-orientated but are instead formed by other political-social contexts and perspectives. The concept of decoloniality offers an insurgent position in the history of colonialism and in all its contemporary forms of colonial subjugation, exploitation and discrimination. Read more





The short film “Conakry,” by Filipa César with the Portuguese writer Grada Kilomba and the American radio activist Diana McCarty, is an homage to  the African Liberation Movement and to Amílcar Cabral. “Conakry” describes and exposes how accessing almost forgotten footage of militant imaginary can be an instrument for recovering memory. Read more

Grada Kilomba in the film "CONAKRY" , 2013

FILM PREMIERE BERLIN: Friday, 7th of June 2013, 20:00 at Ballhaus Naunynstr., Berlin. During the month of June at Kunst Werk, Berlin and at Living Archive, Kino Arsenal, Berlin

FILM PREMIERE LISBON: Tuesday, 25th of June 2013, 22:00, at Fundação Gulbenkian, Lisboa


NEW INTERVIEW at .taz Newspaper: “Weiß, Macht, Schwarz”  

Interview with Grada Kilomba by Enrico Ippolito & Jasmin Kalarickal

(…) Was genau ist Critical Whiteness? Und an wen richtet sie sich? „Es ist erst einmal eine sehr, sehr alte intellektuelle Übung schwarzer Menschen, um zu überleben. Es ist ein sehr detailliertes, komplexes und psychoanalytisches Lesen von weißen Privilegien und wie diese in der Gesellschaft performt werden. Es muss verstanden werden, wie Weißsein die Norm ist und die Schwarzen als das Andere definiert werden“, sagt Kilomba. Mit der Theorie könnten Schwarze die Machtstrukturen aushebeln, mit denen sie konfrontiert werden (…) Read more



at the Deutsche Welle TV, 1st of May, 2013

Grada Kilomba at the Deutsche Welle Talk Show: "Insight Germany", 1st of May 2013.

Guest: Portuguese Writer and Lecturer Grada Kilomba. She has roots in the West African islands São Tomé and Príncipe and Angola, and is the author of Plantation Memories. Her writing deals with memory, trauma, racism and post-colonialism.

To watch the Interview click here.

  • Date 01.05.13 | 16:15 – 17:00 UTC
  • Broadcast times 01.05.13 | 20:15 – 21:00 UTC, 01.05.13 | 23:15 – 00:00 UTC, 02.05.13 | 02:15 – 03:00 UTC, 02.05.13 | 05:15 – 06:00 UTC, 02.05.13 | 08:15 – 09:00 UTC, 02.05.13 | 12:15 – 13:00 UTC


Summer Semester 2013 / Gender Studies / Humboldt Universität – Berlin / Prof. Dr. Grada Kilomba

In this experimental seminar, we will explore ‘race’ and gender relations through performance and theory, using writing exercises, discussion, acting, and movement as main tools.

Crossing the 'Black Lines' at Stevenson Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa. Photographed by Moses Leo

Performance becomes an alternative space where different forms of oppression, in particular racism, can be restaged in various scenes, enquired, negotiated, re-written, and transformed. Read more



Winter Semester 2012/13 – Summer Semester 2013 / Gender Studies / Humboldt Universität – Berlin / Prof. Dr. Grada Kilomba

Traditionally, any scholarship that does not convey the dominant order of knowledge has been continuously rejected on the grounds that it does not constitute credible science. Such a fact reveals the inadequacy of dominant scholarship in relating not only to marginalized subjects, but also to their experiences, discourses and theorizations.

'self-described and self-defined'  at the Museu Coleção Berardo, Lisbon. Photographed by Moses Leo.

Science is, in this sense, not a simple apolitical study of truth, but the result of unequal power ‘race’ and gender relations, which define what counts as true and in whom to believe.  Read more



Edited by Corinne Kumar
With Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, Obioma Nnaemeka, Grada Kilomba, Samar Farage, Mohamed Adhikari, Walter D. Mignolo, Majid Rahnema, Boaventura de Sousa Santos.

An anthology of essays challenging the dominant discourses and worldviews and offering alternative visions and lived realities. El Taller International and its partner organization Streelekha Publications, Bangalore, India. نتساءل ونحن نمشي: الجنوب كخيال سياسي جديد. إطلاق كتاب (الكتابان الثالث والرابع من السلسلة) بحضور من ساهموا في الكتب الأربعة والّذين سيكونون موجودين بالمنتدى الاجتماعي العالمي. وقد أكّذ عشرون كاتبا .وكاتبة مشاركتهم. مجموعة من الكتابات تتحدّى الخطاب المهميمن وتقدّم رؤى بديلة وحقائق معاشة. منظمة ألتايير العالميّة والمنظّمة الشريكة ستريليخا للنشر، بانغالور، الهند. Demander, nous marchons: le sud comme une nouvelle imagination politique. Lancement du livre (livre trois et quatre)avec les auteurs du livre un , deux, trois et quatre, qui seront présents au forum social mondial 2013. Vingt auteurs ont confirmé leur participation. Un anthologie d’essaies défiant les discours et les visions dominantes et offrant des visions alternatives et des réalités vécues. El Taller Internationale et ses organisations partenaires les publications Streelekha, Bangalore, Inde.

Book Launch 26. – 30. March, Forum Social Mondial, Tunis, Tunisia.